Erick Brockway

I joined the Navy right out of high school and was sent to Boiler Technician “A” School (not my first choice), and spent 4 years on a US Navy Destroyer (USS Preble DDG-46).

After that, I bummed around on a Harley Sportster, went from Norfolk, VA to Phoenix, Az and after a variety of construction and warehouse jobs, ended up in California.

Rejoined the Navy in ’94, this time as a Seabee Equipment Operator (much more fun than the previous boiler job), got married to my lovely wife Jan, and eventually retired from the Navy in 2010 (from the reserves) after a few additional deployments, including to Iraq.

Why do I blog? To keep track of things, mainly. So much crap flies at me everyday, when something pops out at me I’d like to save for later, I blog about it. Also, someday when my kids finally figure out “Dad was right” they can come back here and see what else I was right about.

Actually started doing it when my Master Chief in the Seabees came up to me and said; “Brockway, your eval writing sucks!” After some discussion, he suggested maybe I should write a blog about something I cared about; just pick something and do it. It was right around the time Bush was pushing his amnesty crap at us, and that did it.

I’m not a writer, so don’t think I consider myself one.

Living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a son, and two daughters. Working two jobs (welcome to California life), and retired after 20 years in the US Navy Seabees so life is busy!