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Scary! Traffic Safety Message from New Zealand #SlowDown

Speed equals distance, and 60 MPH = 88 fps (feet per second) (where fps=1.467 * MPH). Stopping distance is dependent on the size of the vehicle in motion, among other factors like tire wear, brake system design, surface conditions, the age of … Continue reading

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Real Leadership from Our President

President Reagan h/t Rochelle Related articles Compare & Contrast: Reagan vs Obama On Civilian Planes Being Shot Down OPINION Reagan’s leadership vs. Obama’s on downed planes What Leadership Was and What Leadership Has Become Reagan and KAL 007

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Yes, he’s “more flexible”

Just like he said he’d be Via James Woods

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Still trying to get into this soccer…thing

USA – 0, Belgium – 0 Yay team! UPDATE USA ended up losing 2-0, but it went into overtime (or whatever) and the team finally woke up and started playing and helping “Team Howard“. C’mon REAL football!

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Friday night movie: See River Tam from Firefly as she goes from a hopeful young girl to psychotic killer

For the uninitiated, Firefly was a show created by Joss Whedon which aired on the Fox Television network from September to December 2002. In a nutshell, Fox network producers showed the series out of its intended order so nothing flowed … Continue reading

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Friday Night Movie: Good Indie Sci Fi/Action short – “Drone” (30 minutes)

A nominee for the 2013 Streamy Award for Best Sci Fi or Action Series, and winner of Best Visual Effects – The future of war has a few upgrades, as DRONE takes a look at a rogue humanoid drone who has … Continue reading

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Brian Williams raps “Baby Got Back”

Even snagged Kathy Lee in this one

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Leaked audio of Bergdahl release surfaces – now we know what was actually said (Explicit)

Had to come out sooner or later…

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“THE BOYS OF POINTE DU HOC” – Normandy, 6 June, 1984

It was the 40th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, France – D-Day. President and Nancy Reagan visited the beaches and battlements, and with dignitaries and veterans of WWII in attendance, it was here he gave one of his most … Continue reading

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The smoking lamp is lit…


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