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BBQ baby back ribs for Labor Day – drool

Les the Boss and Diana the tow queen brought me some new pig seasoning to test out. So we obliged. The baby back subjects for the test Screaming, they are tossed to the coals Smoky goodness First flip ‘Nother flip, … Continue reading

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Michael Mann’s special purpose Hockey Stick filter has been exposed

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Jean S writes at Climate Audit: As most readers are aware, and stated in my post few hours after (ClimateGate) CG broke out, Mike’s Nature trick was first uncovered by UC here. He…

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Amazing! 15 Qassam rockets intercepted by Israeli Iron Dome

Get you some! H/t Lachlan

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The Ice Bucket Challenge is starting to make me crazy, but the “Picard” one is good!

Beam me some of what he’s having Yea, yeah, I know it’s for a good cause…

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More awesomeness from Johnathan Gentry on “Celebrity Peacekeepers” flocking to #Ferguson

You speak about real peace, and the left will hate you for it. Only in that are leftists colorblind. Continue reading

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Another heavy PSA about texting and driving

A lot of us text while driving, and we all need to stop – Related articles Are you a distracted driver? Check to see if you’re being safe.

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Yeah, getting tired of “Happy” too

So is Donna Reed – h/t Chris UPDATE: The proper thing to do with an annoying song is a parody:

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