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Frequent flier? I think you’d agree we need more flight attendants like this one

This lady is funny – h/t KFI Radio Los Angeles

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Watching the Final Four? Here’s to your Basketball Jones

The never before seen [by me, anyway] music video by Cheech and Chong Continue reading

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1943 Potatoes sink Japanese Sub-Almanac of Absurdities-NEW 6.14.2012

Originally posted on Time Marches On! The Almanac of Absurdities:
Click here for the Audio Almanac…It’s a little long today, but what a story! OK this is one of those stories.  World War II in the Pacific, Spring of 1943…

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Adolf Hitler (at CNN) finds out about the arrest of Leland Yee

You knew he’d find out sooner or later…

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The “Broken Window” Theory of Obamacare

    Via Ted Cruz

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ICYMI – Sharyl Attkisson on the history of the evolving Benghazi timeline

Sharyl Attkisson’s write up and tweets on today’s Benghazi hearing Continue reading

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The biggest, most elaborate and expensive April Fools joke in US History

Joke’s on us Via Heritage Foundation Cross posted to Unified Patriots

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Another child sacrifice to the pagan gods of #fairness

Of course. Hard work means nothing if it means you end up having something someone else doesn’t have. Easier for liberals to take YOUR stuff away than make things better for everybody. Take these high school baseball families. They thought … Continue reading

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How worried is Putin about sanctions?

Not very What sanctions? If Vladimir Putin is worried about the sanctions imposed on his closest allies, he’s hiding it like a poker champ. Even his sanctioned allies have shrugged off or even mocked the measures. Yuri Kovalchuk, chairman of … Continue reading

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Tomorrow, warming alarmists want the US to look like North Korea at night

Seriously… So this is their dream image? Screw that, here’s my dream – America, baby!  

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