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Did Sen. Marco Rubio do what Obama couldn’t – Kill the Tea Party?

Michele Bachmann was just on with Mark Levin on his radio show a little bit ago (as I write this), and she expressed concern that the phone lines in DC were dead as pertained to the Immigration Bill last week … Continue reading

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If you’re a Conservative/Christian in the military today, into the closet with you!

I couldn’t believe this crap when I heard it, either… First, an Air Force Chaplain saw the “God Created a Farmer” video that aired during the Super Bowl this past February, and thought it needed a tweak in honor of … Continue reading

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Reagan’s words echo forward: RNC’s Ronald Reagan Tribute

I swear, he’s speaking to us directly from the beyond in this. Our situation is more precarious today, but no less frightening than it was then. h/t Mark Levin via Freedom’s Lighthouse.

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“Church Night” with Mark Levin at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Several weeks ago, driving home from work, I tuned to a local AM station and was listening to Mark Levin. I had already purchased his new book “Ameritopia” during pre-order back in December, and had since had it delivered to … Continue reading

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Mark Levin goes scorched-earth against a Ron Paul 3rd Party Run

Another H. Ross Perot we don’t need, I get that. A Ron Paul deciding to go 3rd Party would draw enough votes from the GOP candidate to guarantee another Obama term as President. Game over for any hope for the … Continue reading

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Mark Levin at the Defending the Dream Conference

Seriously. Share this video with everyone you know. Continue reading

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Now Playing; Mark Levin on the Friday Budget Deal

Levin said he’d be on Cavuto today (Sat), and I assumed he’d nail Congress on the budget mess. Unfortunately, I’m working and I figured I’d miss it. Fortunately, RS McCain had me covered; Levin makes the point that the federal … Continue reading

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Sen. Jim DeMint; “What good are numbers without principles?”

Senator Jim DeMint was on Mark Levin’s radio show today, (okay I distinctly heard swords unsheathed at the mention of Levin’s name) and he was asked about Charles Krauthammer seeming to be upset with DeMint and Palin for their endorsement … Continue reading

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Mark Levin hammers Mike Castle and his minions trashing Christine O’Donnell; “Castle, you’re a coward!”

Christine O’Donnell has been trashed lately, seems to happen whenever an outside the beltway Republican gets a little too close for comfort to an established insider. Attack after attack, trying desperately to knock down her poll numbers, and for what? … Continue reading

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Mark Levin, Author of Liberty and Tyranny, Endorses Chuck DeVore in GOP Calif. Senate Primary

Mark Levin today in going over Rasmussen poll results and a piece written in the LA Times, went on a slight tangent for a few seconds to describe his personal endorsement for the California GOP Senate race; “By the way, … Continue reading

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