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“THE BOYS OF POINTE DU HOC” – Normandy, 6 June, 1984

It was the 40th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, France – D-Day. President and Nancy Reagan visited the beaches and battlements, and with dignitaries and veterans of WWII in attendance, it was here he gave one of his most … Continue reading

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Heartbreak and Strength – Navy Seal Chief Chris Kyle Laid to Rest with Honors

While much of the country was focused on a former Navy zero (murderer Chris Dorner), a Navy hero was laid to rest in Texas – Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle had a procession Feb. 12 fit for a head of … Continue reading

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Reagan’s words echo forward: RNC’s Ronald Reagan Tribute

I swear, he’s speaking to us directly from the beyond in this. Our situation is more precarious today, but no less frightening than it was then. h/t Mark Levin via Freedom’s Lighthouse.

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Hypocrisy alert! SF Democrats fighting AGAINST the environment – when it affects THEM, that is

Shocking hypocrisy! Well, more like business as usual for Democrats. Continue reading

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The President as compared with his ‘peers’ – Outlook for freedom? Not good if he continues

It’s a hard sell for some people, but hard not to see for most Americans; In other news, Communists and Socialists lend Obama their domain names, something that I’m sure isn’t related to Obama’s policies. h/t Keith

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Obama will NEVER be able to make this commercial; “Prouder, Stronger, Better”

Obama would have to call his commercial “Miserable, Weak and Worse” Continue reading

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Reagan knew…now today we know; the left is against America and MUST be STOPPED

Nothing new under the sun In the 40 some odd years since Reagan spoke those words, little did he know how close we’d let the left get to total control of our nation before we finally woke up, got off … Continue reading

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Reagan speaks to us again, and absolutely NAILS the leftist Democrats in control today

Via Aaron Gardner; Ronald Reagan gave that speech for Barry Goldwater’s campaign in the 60s, and in all these years, nothing has changed, just the names. Some mess “we inherited”. Lets not kick the can down the road again, lets … Continue reading

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Ronald Reagan; June 6, 1984

This is how a US President gives thanks to his troops, past and present h/t Blackfive Today, June 6, 2010, when The “History” Channel is showing some trucker marathon, the rest of us remember a different history. A history of … Continue reading

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I don’t want ‘em in my tent

The continuing GOP identity crisis Crisis? No crisis with me. A strong “conservative thinker”, James Carville, recently quipped; “I have an announcement to make. Ronald Reagan’s big tent just collapsed in Upstate New York. It no longer exists,” Democratic strategist … Continue reading

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