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10 Things to Say to an Obama Voter Who Just Got Laid Off

1. “Hey, at least that successful Mormon businessman didn’t win.” 2. “Didn’t your lady parts warn you this would happen?” 3. “Look at the Bright Side, Gay marriage passed in four states.” 4. “Hey, Big Bird still has a job. … Continue reading

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This DNC email should keep people AWAY from their convention

Antonio (Tony Villar, aka Tony VivaLaRaza) Villaraigosa says he’s going to Charlotte and hopes to “see you there”- Fat friggin’ chance… Related articles Sandra Fluke, Planned Parenthood Chief, Desperate Housewife Set to Speak at DNC Convention (cnsnews.com) Feminists Hit Back on … Continue reading

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The REAL “War on Women”

Tina Korbe notes; Yes, Obama’s Super PAC accepted a $1 million donation from serial misogynist Bill Maher — but Obama had a “woman problem” long before that. While Obama has always worked assiduously to ensure that female voters will support … Continue reading

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If you are a Conservative woman, why do Democrats hate you?

On second thought, the “why” really isn’t important, is it? You are a threat to them and their pre-conceived notions of what a woman is supposed to be, whatever that even is this week. If you’re a woman today who … Continue reading

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Hey Carbonite? I’m sure this is unrelated to recent news involving Rush

heh Totally unrelated to Rush Limbaugh, I’m sure. h/t LIO

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A friendly note to Carbonite: I’m looking for alternatives to your service

I’ve been using your service for two years now. Generally, I’ve tolerated the CarboniteUI.exe program constantly locking up so I have to physically kill the process using Task Manager, then restart it just so I can make sure the service is … Continue reading

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Mark Levin at the Defending the Dream Conference

Seriously. Share this video with everyone you know. Continue reading

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9/11/2001; Listening to KFI, Los Angeles on the radio headed to work

If you listened to KFI in the morning on 9/11, this is for you just the way you originally heard it Tuesday morning started with my alarm going off at 5AM Pacific Daylight Time, and the voices of the KFI … Continue reading

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Congrats to @SusanAnneHiller who scored a huge hit with #Rush

Awesome work Her post on AT was read on air by none other than Rush Limbaugh today; (Click here to listen) File here. RUSH: SusanAnne Hiller, AmericanThinker.com, pretty good piece here, and I say that because it sort of illustrates … Continue reading

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Rush tearing up the dance floor at the Miss America Pageant

Not bad, considering he can’t hear the music! Lady Gaga, no less

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