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ICYMI – Sharyl Attkisson on the history of the evolving Benghazi timeline

Sharyl Attkisson’s write up and tweets on today’s Benghazi hearing Continue reading

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So Jay Carney wants to leave his White House spokesman job? Great! I found a replacement

You’re welcome Guess “Baghdad Bob” Carney has possibly had enough? White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s behavior during daily briefings has changed, Mediaite’s columnist Joe Concha observed last year. “He has become more testy, more combative, more personal with the White House … Continue reading

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The Obama Administration is INTENTIONALLY making things as difficult as possible for the vets and elderly

This is first-degree scumbaggery now It was bad enough that Obama’s White House tried to stop aging WWII vets from visiting their memorial in DC, and closed privately owned and funded restaurants, now they want to kick elderly people out of … Continue reading

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If White House reporters are upset about “Secret off-the-record” meetings, there IS a way to stop it

Just get up, and walk out With Benghazi heating up (finally) in the news, and people demanding answers (still after all these months), the White House announced a Press Conference for today. Then, oops: WH press briefing scheduled for 12:30, … Continue reading

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Time magazine, just a bunch of leftist suckups

Again… With all the amazing people Time could’ve picked, they proved their continuing irrelevance by picking their socialist hero, B. Hussein Obama: We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Barack Obama is both the symbol … Continue reading

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John Kerry for Secretary of Defense? Why not Jane Fonda?

This can’t be real. Just some trial balloon to make the next name floated seem more realistic. I mean, nothing says a Commander in Chief loves his troops like sticking a reviled war protester who allegedly threw his medals over the White House … Continue reading

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Obama lost Jay Leno? Well, he still has the other 99% of the media…

Via Media Research/News Busters: Jay Leno took some surprising shots at President Obama Thursday night. During the opening monologue of NBC’s Tonight Show, the host said Americans wasted four years for the current White House resident to do something about the … Continue reading

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A Vice President we can count on…Joe Biden? (insert guffaw)

From American Crossroads: “Run, Joe. Run” Yeah, that’s old Joe. h/t LadyImpactOhio

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“Watergate with 300 dead people lying on the ground”: Fast and Furious – follow the ideology

Remember, Obama and Holder are responsible for deaths here. Just as they tried to twist the Clinton impeachment into “It was just about a BJ” rather than what it truly was: a President caught lying under oath, the Democrat-controlled media … Continue reading

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Obama wants your wedding presents

The political Groveler in Chief really, Really, REALLY wants to stay in that big house, have the cool airplane, and continue his economy-destroying agenda. To do that, he wants your money. Never mind the millions he gets from multiple trips to Hollywood … Continue reading

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