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Hilarious SNL #Ferguson skit that never aired

h/t Tim Conway Jr – Supposedly the skit was cut for time: Published on Dec 7, 2014 A St. Louis news station reconsiders its morning programming in light of the Ferguson riots.

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The Death of an Evil Empire

I’m thinking more and more it didn’t really die – the Soviet Union just reorganized into what we see Putin making Russia into today. Whatever that is. @JonahNRO: A good day RT @Jeff_Jacoby: 23 yrs ago today, Russia, Ukraine & … Continue reading

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We STILL remember 7 December

It’s in the Seabee fight song to this day – And we promise that we remember The “Seventh of December” And remember Pearl Harbor we do…for them…  

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Cliff diving on Titan? Hiking Mars? Human existence in space, visualized

H/T Caleb What would a future look like with space tourists? Hang gliding on Europa? Swimming the rings of Saturn? Erik Wernquist, the video’s creator, explains his work: WANDERERS is a short science fiction film by Erik Wernquist (that´s me) … Continue reading

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If only Boehner had the cojones…

…to do this:

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Winds of change – 9 November 1989, Reagan’s demand to “Tear down this wall” came to pass


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Tuesday is election day – last chance to compare: Jeff Gorell vs Julia Brownley in #CA26

It’s almost “GO” time for the November elections, and hopefully people are starting to pay attention and are looking to vet candidates to see who they’ll vote for. In California Congressional District 26, the candidates are incumbent Democrat and Obama … Continue reading

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