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Mike Rowe with a warning to high school seniors and their worried parents, and an apology to my kids

Parents like my wife and I… My youngest is 18, just finishing high school, and ready to move on to…what? There was a time not too long ago, I felt that in being an American we had unlimited potential. You … Continue reading

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If this can happen to an ACTIVE DUTY Army Sgt. in Texas, it can happen to anyone anywhere

Mil blogger and active-duty Army Master Sgt. CJ Grisham (Michelle Malkin wrote about him here) is having trouble of the Second Amendment type in Temple, Texas: CJ Grisham This past weekend while on a 10-mile hike with my 15-year old … Continue reading

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The Most Awesome Banana Slicer in the Whole History of…EVER!!

Steve Spinks turned me on to this via Facebook last week, and I’ve been reading the reviews for this banana slicer ever since. I even uploaded a Photoshopped Customer Image. The reviews are too damn funny! Since other outlets are … Continue reading

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RIP Marine – Megan Levy says goodbye as her K9 Sgt. Rex passes away

Reported via Facebook (also confirmed)- It’s it with a heavy heart that I just read that Cpl. Megan Leavey’s partner Sgt. Rex passed away yesterday. This was written by Cpl.. Megan Leavey: ” Thank you for your service Rex, Take … Continue reading

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Speaking of Clint Eastwood’s speech…heh

Love that guy. I still see Josey Wales in that face. You can watch his speech here h/t Mark from Facebook.

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A “99%er” gets schooled on the joys of large corporations after her car gets smashed

Got a call from Highway Patrol for a “Motorcycle Down,” a major injury accident. Jumped in my truck and headed to where it was supposed to be, and of course it was actually in the other direction from where they … Continue reading

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Brilliant! California’s screwy budget relies largely on being able to rape Facebook IPO for taxes

Same Democrat freak-show in Sacramento Continue reading

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