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At what point does talk of race in politics become ridiculous?

At the exact point a conservative black Republican becomes a US Senator. Continue reading

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Heritage Foundation Welcomes Jim DeMint as New President

I’ll miss Jim DeMint in the Senate, but here’s hoping he’ll make some progress at the Heritage Foundation Meanwhile, little Chuckie at Little Green Snotballs has his panties in a wad because DeMint might yet make a living. The nerve! … Continue reading

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From Ted Cruz – Fast and Furious: Will Obama, Holder Come Clean?

Another outstanding video from Ben Howe You can go here to find out more about Ted Cruz, Texan for US Senate. Related articles Ted Cruz: Obama administration ‘ignorant’ towards religious freedom (humanevents.com) Cruz Brings Tea Party Flavor To Texas Senate … Continue reading

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Sen. Jim DeMint; “What good are numbers without principles?”

Senator Jim DeMint was on Mark Levin’s radio show today, (okay I distinctly heard swords unsheathed at the mention of Levin’s name) and he was asked about Charles Krauthammer seeming to be upset with DeMint and Palin for their endorsement … Continue reading

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Nice job, NRSC. Hey Crist, gonna give any of that swell money back?

Quit backing losers and squishes or get out of the way Doubt he will, as Erick Erickson writes, Crist blew that wad already; Charlie Crist will not only run as an independent in Florida, but he has also reserved all … Continue reading

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