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Tombstone, Arizona – Up the creek without a…creek. Or any other water…

via Twitchy The U.S. Forest Service is blocking residents of Tombstone, Ariz. from repairing waterlines damaged by storms and wildfires last year. Why? Because restoring the lines that bring spring water from the mountains could endanger the Mexican spotted owl. … Continue reading

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If you missed John Stossel’s “Illegal Everything” two weeks ago, then here it is

With the death of Breitbart last week, two weeks ago seems like forever. Two weeks ago, Fox News broadcast a show featuring John Stossel called Illegal Everything. The stuff they showed was government at its most ridiculous, most inane bureaucratic worst. Children … Continue reading

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What do you have to do to open a lemonade stand in New York City? Also, EPA destroys an Idaho family. [UPDATE] MULTIPLE Families.

Oh. My. God. The show should be called “Out-of-Control America”. Ask John Stossel, I’m watching a show called “Illegal Everything” on Fox right now, and some of the crap required blows me away; It made me want to try to … Continue reading

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