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The RNC Antidote to CNN’s Hillary Love-fest donation documentary, Part 4

Finally, part 4 – Part IV: Will the Hillary Films Include the Pardon and Clemency Scandals? To think, they haven’t even gotten to her Senate record, the “Snipergate” fiasco, or Benghazzi, at least not in depth. No doubt there’ll be another … Continue reading

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Hey Nevada! Glad you voted for Reid and Obama?

Another one from the Elections Have Consequences Department, restaurants in Nevada close to throwing in the towel: “I don’t know what secret [the politicians] know, where they just assume we can write them a check,” said Sam Facchini, owner of … Continue reading

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Too good a music video not to share – AMERICA’S COMING BACK – The Voters

This was left in the comments here, and it’s one of the few in four years that’s not been spam: it’s a keeper –

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Nicely done! Amateur videographer sums up the last four years in 7 minutes

Shades of Ben Howe here: For you geeks, here are the toys involved: This is just a little motion graphics video I put together to get people excited about the election. I was not hired or paid to create this. … Continue reading

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Still considering voting for a third-party candidate on Tuesday?

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot to prove a point. Continue reading

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Ohio coal miners fight back against the Obama campaign’s lies about them

Dang, how screwed up is this? More than 500 Ohio coal miners rallied Oct. 10 against President Barack Obama’s ‘War on Coal” and the president’s charge they were coerced to supportRepublican W. Mitt Romney at an Aug. 14 rally. [snip] Reading from … Continue reading

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Sorry, Barry. We’ve heard it ALL before

Our President seems to believe that 2012 is just the same as 2008, if words come out of you must believe them. Even if they’re the same exact words he used before. Same words. Same speeches. The next four years … Continue reading

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