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A new running mate for Obama

There’s a grass-roots campaign afoot to get Obama to drop Biden and pick a new running mate. They have the alternate running mate in mind for him already; What better way to celebrate the massive success of the Chevy Volt … Continue reading

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Rush: GOP Establishment in abject panic-They Don’t Understand Their Own Base

I was listening to Rush while driving the other day…last Monday, in fact. He was saying that the GOP since Newt’s win in South Carolina was now in official Panic Mode. No way some conservative is going to screw things … Continue reading

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On those, ummm, “ethics violations” Romney and Pelosi like to throw at Gingrich? Yeah…

First comes Byron York, who covered the ethics mess during the nineties for American Spectator. The case centered around a class Gingrich taught in Georgia called “Renewing American Civilization”; [H]is critics contended that it had little to do with learning … Continue reading

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James Carville gets his “neener neener” moment at the GOP’s pending self-immolation

The coming GOP establishment train wreck – can someone find a way to soften the blow? Continue reading

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Interesting: The McCain campaign’s opposition research file on Romney

This was before McCain and Romney became BFF, of course Via BuzzFeed A document found online by BuzzFeed appears to be John McCain’s entire, 200-page opposition research file — or “book” — on Mitt Romney from 2008, the year they … Continue reading

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GOP Timidity Is a Path to Defeat

The GOP seems to be either desperate for a win in November and willing to field anyone they perceive rightly or wrongly as being “electable” (whether they’d reverse the spiral we’re in or not) , or eager to lose so … Continue reading

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Rick Perry hits his mark in South Carolina

Liberal heads explode in 3, 2, 1… Rick Perry makes a quick stop at the Palmetto State Armory, I believe in Ridgeland, SC;

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