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So Feinstein wants to register a few guns. What could go wrong? Ask gun owners around New York

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Califailure) has been scheming for “over a year” on a way to re-ban “assault weapons,” according all the pictures of them that she’s studied: On Dec. 17th, Feinstein said, ”I have been working with my staff for over a … Continue reading

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The moon, stars, and planets are lining up for another attempted gun grab

You knew it would be coming… With the Aurora Colorado shooting a fresh wound on our national psyche, the stampede of politicians who want to appear to do something to avert a future event from occurring is beginning. Already Democrats … Continue reading

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“I did not choose the pen, or the microscope, or the musical instrument to make a living. I chose the gun”

h/t (interestingly) Ricochet.com Many people, in their chosen fields of endeavor, use various instruments and tools to make a living. A tool is basically an extension of one’s own body. The hammer – used to replace the palm of your … Continue reading

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It’s hard to stay mad at the NRA after this

This is the bomb! Awesome Get Out The Vote video from Trigger The Vote

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Still MORE NRA pondering endorsement of Harry Reid

Better “ponder” real hard on this one, folks The NRA in thinking about backing Harry Reid in November over his GOP opponent Sharron Angle is worried more along the lines of who the next Senate Majority Leader will be; “The … Continue reading

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NRA gets the message on Kagan?

It shouldn’t have taken beating the NRA over the head to get them to do the right thing on the Kagan nomination, but for some reason it did. Now the NRA comes out and says; NRA Opposes Kagan, Will Score … Continue reading

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