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At what point does talk of race in politics become ridiculous?

At the exact point a conservative black Republican becomes a US Senator. Continue reading

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Heritage Foundation Welcomes Jim DeMint as New President

I’ll miss Jim DeMint in the Senate, but here’s hoping he’ll make some progress at the Heritage Foundation Meanwhile, little Chuckie at Little Green Snotballs has his panties in a wad because DeMint might yet make a living. The nerve! … Continue reading

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No matter how much sand Democrats use for their monuments, it’s just a matter of time

They built it But it doesn’t matter… It’s just a matter of time… UPDATE! I hadn’t thought of this: @erickbrockway In a way, sand is an appropriate medium as there isgrain for each dollar of our debt. #crumbling — Nunya Bidness … Continue reading

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Rush: GOP Establishment in abject panic-They Don’t Understand Their Own Base

I was listening to Rush while driving the other day…last Monday, in fact. He was saying that the GOP since Newt’s win in South Carolina was now in official Panic Mode. No way some conservative is going to screw things … Continue reading

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Rick Perry hits his mark in South Carolina

Liberal heads explode in 3, 2, 1… Rick Perry makes a quick stop at the Palmetto State Armory, I believe in Ridgeland, SC;

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Rush: “I Wouldn’t Have One Ounce of Doubt About Rick Perry…”

“…I Been Hoping Rick Perry Would Catch Fire” About time Rush came out and said it; Yeah, considering the other options, I am now officially in the tank for Rick Perry. Note; Due to there being some confusion over the … Continue reading

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You’ve heard who Nikki Haley supports, but have you head a peep about…

…who supports Rick Perry? On the last official run of his fourteen-day bus tour, the Texas governor will roll out with a whole slew of surrogates, including but not limited to: Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana Sam Brownback, governor of … Continue reading

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