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We STILL remember 7 December

It’s in the Seabee fight song to this day – And we promise that we remember The “Seventh of December” And remember Pearl Harbor we do…for them…  

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Conducting a proper walk around (and other cool stuff) on the B-17 Flying Fortress

I wanna do it!! Just…not the part where I’m hanging in the sky like a balloon target. And related, Kenny showed me a piece-by-piece B-17 restoration ongoing in Ohio. Pretty cool that they expect to get the thing flying someday. … Continue reading

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The Obama Administration is INTENTIONALLY making things as difficult as possible for the vets and elderly

This is first-degree scumbaggery now It was bad enough that Obama’s White House tried to stop aging WWII vets from visiting their memorial in DC, and closed privately owned and funded restaurants, now they want to kick elderly people out of … Continue reading

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He survived being shot by the Japanese on Okinawa in WWII, but was assassinated by thugs in his home town

More thugs, another murder…still no outrage from the left… Continue reading

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December 7, 1941 – The Original Day of Infamy

71 years separate us from that day in December at Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii. 2,402 Americans were killed that day, most in the service of our country’s military. America mobilized, engaged, and eventually defeated it’s enemies. We’ve seen our … Continue reading

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The “Band of Brothers” reunite to aid charity GallantFew.org

GallantFew is actually more than charity, it’s volunteer Ranger vets helping other Ranger vets to transition to civilian life successfully after their military service has ended. GallantFew, Inc’s (501(c)3 Non-Profit) mission is to reduce US Army Ranger veteran unemployment, homelessness and eliminate … Continue reading

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THIS is how we honor our war heroes! Beautiful!

Chris Muller was lucky enough to be front and center when a group of WWII vets arrived at Reagan International Airport; Honor is a hard term to describe. It doesn’t have a color or weight or shape. If someone were to … Continue reading

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