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  • Coaches: Rob Jones & Gerry Cramer
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Healthy commissions is a strong community that you can be a part of. It is a proven system that teaches you the step by step process that you can use to make a passive income in this field. At health commissions, they aim to help you achieve your big financial breakthrough and reach those levels of success that you could only dream of.

They mainly focus on producing a passive income from affiliate marketing the health niche. Many of the Health Commission’s students have learned from specially developed Affiliate marketing courses that give you the insider knowledge on how to build and scale your own marketing business. The classes are unique from the other ones that you may have come across.

At Health Commissions, the main focus is making our students experts in developing their own businesses from Paid Traffic, for example, Facebook Ads. The primary goal of Health Commissions is to make them self-sufficient and independent in terms of financial growth and business development. With the right mindset, students can bring in about $60K-$70K per month while following proper guidelines such as,

* Finding the right offers to promote that are high paying.
* Learning how to convert all the traffic you get into new sales and customers.


In order to become highly successful in this field, or any other for that matter, it is essential to understand and follow some significant components during the training session.

There are six of these in total. Plus, you will be taught one potent paid traffic source in detail, such as Facebook ads, with a twist!

  • Higher commission deals will be negotiated with different vendors to help students earn 90% or even more in commissions. Some of the more attractive deals will be an opportunity to cut a “backend” sequence. In some of the offers, the students will earn 50% on products with a price ranging from $500-$2500.
  • New technology software is included, which is practically the backbone in building a high converting site for what we like to call “overnight freedom students.” These types of software allow you to work directly instead of using an affiliate. They grant the user access to make changes more comfortable than ever before.
  • The best part of using healthy commissions is that they equip their students with an Ad generator software that practically writes the ads. The students deem it very useful as it analyses tons of very high performing ads and creates you a copy of that ad quicker than ever before.
  • Another interesting point is that the student only needs to work for as little as four days a week and generate sales to make at least 100k a year in profit.
  • In order to encourage students to work regularly, there will be weekly cash prizes for one year.


Out of the many niches out there, why chose to focus on the health niche? The health niche is a very versatile one in which an individual can work and make money without oversaturating it with information. In this specific niche, there is no room for the word “too much.”

One of the more reasons you should stick with the health niche is that it is very large in potential options. Plus, it is relatively forgiving with the added benefits that,

  • People work very passionately in the health niche.
  • A better hand on experience comes with focusing on the central niche.
  • Focusing on one niche helps the teaching and understanding process become much more manageable.
  • Learning what works faster and what doesn’t become more comfortable.

Choosing health as a niche is beneficial for the sheer scope of it, making it stand out among the crowd. This particular niche houses tons of other niches such as

  • Loss in body mass/weight
  • Healthy eating/ balanced diet
  • Diabetes Mellitus /Low-high blood sugar
  • Anti-aging/old age
  • Arthritis
  • Muscular pain
  • Skincare
  • Heartburn
  • Fatigue
  • The healthiness of the reproductive system.

These sub-niches are only a few; there are many different niches, even minute ones, based on those problems that people face every day.


Focusing on just a single niche at a time makes it easier to become a professional in that particular work type and allows the individual to maintain their focus. At Healthy commissions, they believe that health is “The only niche you will ever need” They say this because of entire groups of students affiliated with them or learning under their guidelines ae all focusing on the same niche.

The real beauty of this is that this particular niche “health” is one that is so vast that you don’t have to worry about competition or saturation at any point in time. The students are all taught the same methodology from our handbook and allows them to use very similar campaigns without needing to worry about saturation.

The beauty of this is that everyone can help one another to succeed without worrying about making themselves any less successful.

Our Health Commissions students have a very high success rate, with recent calculations made our students earned more than $57.7 million by using our 4-step system book. We have people from all over the world working with us all from different age groups, genders, and even race. But the best part about Health Commissions is that everyone is equal here.


You must attend a total of 6 modules, and the following is one module’s breakdown per week.

  • Module 1: Creating million-dollar ad images.
  • Module 2: Crafting your own million-dollar copy.
  • Module 3: Creating a presell page that allows you to switch on a buyer’s mode instantly.
  • Module 4: Launching your ad campaign.
  • Module 5: Testing your ad and scaling the profit.
  • Module 6: “Secret of the titans.”

The four steps this package teaches you is,

  • Select: Choosing where to promote the offer.
  • Flip: Flip the traffic switch to on.
  • Boost: Time for the presell page to do the selling.
  • Scale: Let it grow; let it grow!

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After going through the entire review, I am sure this conversation is not at all necessary. The primary and most important aspect of the platform that you should notice is that Health Commissions provides you with all the necessities and everything needed to get started. There is nothing else left to buy. Unlike many other competitive systems out there, there is nothing left to wait for, Health Commissions provides you with everything, and there are no hidden excuses.

The best part is that their representatives actively solve any problems at healthy commissions, so managing anything related to ads is no longer a big deal. You have got real-time help for your issues at every hour of the day.


One of the questions that scare clients the most is whether there is any guarantee? We are spending our valuable time and money; what if we don’t benefit at all? Of course, there has to be a guarantee to anything money is invested in the modern world. So, we have a 30-day risk-free trial package for those willing to give the service a chance. Health Commissions are 100% confident that it will leave you satisfied during the 30-day test trial period, or the platform will provide you with your money back.

Another prevalent question is that what if I invest money and not make any profit back? What will happen then? The Question has its validity because let’s be real; no one wants to lose money. Well, Heath Commissions has just the solution for you. You can go for a 90-day trial period can, and you can invest money, and if you do not make any profits, health commissions will refund you the entire amount you have spent on the ad.


A bonus is like a prize you get when you do the work you are given and, that too, with ultimate finesse. There are majorly two different types of bonuses that you can receive such as,

BONUS 1: Optimization and branding will allow you to receive $550-$1000/month

BONUS 2: Done for your website is a tool that healthy commissions provide to design a website for you. Which will allow you to earn at least $1000?


At healthy commissions, the main aim is to establish a business with a great profit and little work. They work with world-class products to give you results only thinkable. In conclusion, using healthy commissions is one of the best decisions you can make in your lifetime. Healthy commissions are a company that strives to teach its student the art of making money online and that you an orderly manner that is easy for both the client and the owner. With state-of-the-art technology and in-depth software, there won’t be anything left un-taught.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up and start using them to become one step closer to your brighter future! Get Started Today with Click the button below to go to the official website to secure your spot.



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