KBB Method Review – Knowledge Broker Blueprint and Mindmint Software Course Review

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KBB Course Review


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How people learn has changed over the years especially with the evolution of the internet. One can easily access all the info, materials and training online that they can use for self-education. There are many programs online with each claiming to be the best in helping people in self-educating and bringing out their best in various aspects such as a business and self-development.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint and Mindmint Software is one such program. This is a game changer that aims to bring a new standard to how people learn around the world. So, how does it achieve this? Below is a KBB and Mindmint Software review to answer this and other questions.

What are the KBB  and Mindmint software? This is a self-learning program consisting of:

Video Walk-through of the KBB Course Members Area:


1. Course – The Knowledge Broker Blueprint
The KBB Method course offers you a podium to dig through your mind and bring out the best of your knowledge and interest to benefit you and those around you. The idea behind this course to help develop mastermind mindset.

Mastermind is a group engage in peer-to-peer learning setting to help members get a solution to their problems through the advice and idea from other members. With Knowledge Broker Blueprint, one will learn how to develop, fill, run, and benefit from high impact online or physical masterminds.

2. Software – Mindmint
Mindmint software makes it easy to manage a mastermind by automatically creating an agenda for a successful mastermind. The software has simple and procedural training that guides you in leading and assisting others to grow or change their lives positively.

Developers behind this system?
This self-learning program was developed by three renowned businessmen who combined their individual to come up with a successful empire and will want other people to be successful. The tried the art and power of mastermind before selling it to other people. The three gentlemen are:

Tony Robinns – He is a prominent American entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, life coach, and speaker. Robbins attracts a huge following in seminars, live appearances, self-help books, and infomercials. The success Tony has gained proves he is a legend, and he can mentor people about motivation, self-learning, and success.

Dean Graziosi – Dean knows all about gaining success and has done it all in his life including emerging the top-selling author in NY Times. The television shows that Graziosi has featured in about real estate and succeed training are also among the most watched in the current era. His mastermind attitude drives him to help others climb up the ladder of success, and that’s why he became part of this team.

Russell Brunson
Russell is a popular figure in the world of internet marketing who has specialized in teaching people how to do online marketing. He has built a following of more than a million entrepreneurs, sold thousands of copies, and established a software company. Brunson is determined to help online marketers to get their message out there to the marketplace fast and efficiently.

What is the Objective of KBB Method (Knowledge Broker Blueprint) Course and Mindmint Software?
Dean, Russell, and Tony are determined to transform how people learn around the world. It is something that holds a lot of meaning to them and to achieve this; they developed this program. They believe in the power of self-education, and their program will go a long way in helping them realize their dream of seeing a revolutionized way of learning.

How the Program Works to Realize Its Objective
This system works through the following approaches to meet its objective;
Guides people on extracting what they know in a systematic approach and then share with other like-minded individuals. Self-learning, whether physical or online is made easier by the agenda, created automatically by the software.

People using this program are given effective marketing strategies that make them attract a following and also retain them to keep profiting over and over again.

Customer’s learning experience is enhanced by the proven tools that come with this program. This will make them keep following you which will benefit you and them at the same time.

Learn how to facilitate a course for other people if you are not an expert which you will still benefit from.

Overall, the system gives one a smooth self-learning and mastermind creation guide. The course will guide you on how to extract your knowledge, fill an event, and ensure it runs smoothly to maximize your profit. The software will handle all the logistics to make things easy for you.

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Healthy Commissions Review – Get Started Today

  • Product Name: Healthy Commissions
  • Coaches: Rob Jones & Gerry Cramer
  • Official Cart Page >>>  HealthyCommissions.com/GetStarted
  • Price: $2,497 or 2 Payments of $997 


Healthy commissions is a strong community that you can be a part of. It is a proven system that teaches you the step by step process that you can use to make a passive income in this field. At health commissions, they aim to help you achieve your big financial breakthrough and reach those levels of success that you could only dream of.

They mainly focus on producing a passive income from affiliate marketing the health niche. Many of the Health Commission’s students have learned from specially developed Affiliate marketing courses that give you the insider knowledge on how to build and scale your own marketing business. The classes are unique from the other ones that you may have come across.

At Health Commissions, the main focus is making our students experts in developing their own businesses from Paid Traffic, for example, Facebook Ads. The primary goal of Health Commissions is to make them self-sufficient and independent in terms of financial growth and business development. With the right mindset, students can bring in about $60K-$70K per month while following proper guidelines such as,

* Finding the right offers to promote that are high paying.
* Learning how to convert all the traffic you get into new sales and customers.


In order to become highly successful in this field, or any other for that matter, it is essential to understand and follow some significant components during the training session.

There are six of these in total. Plus, you will be taught one potent paid traffic source in detail, such as Facebook ads, with a twist!

  • Higher commission deals will be negotiated with different vendors to help students earn 90% or even more in commissions. Some of the more attractive deals will be an opportunity to cut a “backend” sequence. In some of the offers, the students will earn 50% on products with a price ranging from $500-$2500.
  • New technology software is included, which is practically the backbone in building a high converting site for what we like to call “overnight freedom students.” These types of software allow you to work directly instead of using an affiliate. They grant the user access to make changes more comfortable than ever before.
  • The best part of using healthy commissions is that they equip their students with an Ad generator software that practically writes the ads. The students deem it very useful as it analyses tons of very high performing ads and creates you a copy of that ad quicker than ever before.
  • Another interesting point is that the student only needs to work for as little as four days a week and generate sales to make at least 100k a year in profit.
  • In order to encourage students to work regularly, there will be weekly cash prizes for one year.


Out of the many niches out there, why chose to focus on the health niche? The health niche is a very versatile one in which an individual can work and make money without oversaturating it with information. In this specific niche, there is no room for the word “too much.”

One of the more reasons you should stick with the health niche is that it is very large in potential options. Plus, it is relatively forgiving with the added benefits that,

  • People work very passionately in the health niche.
  • A better hand on experience comes with focusing on the central niche.
  • Focusing on one niche helps the teaching and understanding process become much more manageable.
  • Learning what works faster and what doesn’t become more comfortable.

Choosing health as a niche is beneficial for the sheer scope of it, making it stand out among the crowd. This particular niche houses tons of other niches such as

  • Loss in body mass/weight
  • Healthy eating/ balanced diet
  • Diabetes Mellitus /Low-high blood sugar
  • Anti-aging/old age
  • Arthritis
  • Muscular pain
  • Skincare
  • Heartburn
  • Fatigue
  • The healthiness of the reproductive system.

These sub-niches are only a few; there are many different niches, even minute ones, based on those problems that people face every day.


Focusing on just a single niche at a time makes it easier to become a professional in that particular work type and allows the individual to maintain their focus. At Healthy commissions, they believe that health is “The only niche you will ever need” They say this because of entire groups of students affiliated with them or learning under their guidelines ae all focusing on the same niche.

The real beauty of this is that this particular niche “health” is one that is so vast that you don’t have to worry about competition or saturation at any point in time. The students are all taught the same methodology from our handbook and allows them to use very similar campaigns without needing to worry about saturation.

The beauty of this is that everyone can help one another to succeed without worrying about making themselves any less successful.

Our Health Commissions students have a very high success rate, with recent calculations made our students earned more than $57.7 million by using our 4-step system book. We have people from all over the world working with us all from different age groups, genders, and even race. But the best part about Health Commissions is that everyone is equal here.


You must attend a total of 6 modules, and the following is one module’s breakdown per week.

  • Module 1: Creating million-dollar ad images.
  • Module 2: Crafting your own million-dollar copy.
  • Module 3: Creating a presell page that allows you to switch on a buyer’s mode instantly.
  • Module 4: Launching your ad campaign.
  • Module 5: Testing your ad and scaling the profit.
  • Module 6: “Secret of the titans.”

The four steps this package teaches you is,

  • Select: Choosing where to promote the offer.
  • Flip: Flip the traffic switch to on.
  • Boost: Time for the presell page to do the selling.
  • Scale: Let it grow; let it grow!

Ready to Joins Healthy Commissions? Get Started Now. Click below for the cart page.

>>> HealthyCommissions.com/GetStarted


After going through the entire review, I am sure this conversation is not at all necessary. The primary and most important aspect of the platform that you should notice is that Health Commissions provides you with all the necessities and everything needed to get started. There is nothing else left to buy. Unlike many other competitive systems out there, there is nothing left to wait for, Health Commissions provides you with everything, and there are no hidden excuses.

The best part is that their representatives actively solve any problems at healthy commissions, so managing anything related to ads is no longer a big deal. You have got real-time help for your issues at every hour of the day.

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GetLCS.com – Lead Conversion Squared (LCS2) Review

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  • Product: LCS2 – Lead Conversion Squared
  • Creators: Chad Nicely & Daven Michaels
  • FREE 3 Day Business Masterclass <<< Get it FREE for Now

Digital marketing has become one of the fastest-growing industries of the world. Some say that marketing has become much easier now that everything is digitized. However, if you do not have the right system in place to convert the leads into conversions, you will have a hard time surviving.

Sifting through all the online information manually can be a time-consuming process. This is where tools such as the upcoming Lead Conversion Squared come into play. With countless tools scattered all across the internet, knowing the difference between the good and the bad ones is important.

The world nowadays completely revolves around leads. They are the backbone for not only online but also offline businesses. This is the reason you see so many CRM tools being introduced lately because it’s all about money. CRM is known to be customer relationship management. It is the name of an approach that helps businesses determine their interactions with different past or potential customers and allows them to have a detailed analysis of the leads and financial standings of their business. Lead Conversion Squared is also a CRM tool.

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The Kibo Code Start Review

Guys, Aidan & Steve have opened the doors to The Kibo Code / Start Now, follow the links below to join the  program.   >> Click Here: Payment Options Available on the Next Page. Note: TheKiboCode.com will be available to purchase only for the next couple of days or until all 200 spots are filed..It’s on … Read more

CBI Bonus Pack

From: Erick Brockway Dear Valued Subscriber,  You’ve probably heard all about the Clickbank Brakes The Internet program that has just been released. To say people have been anxious for this is an almost silly understatement… It’s set the whole Internet Marketing community on FIRE. This is Clickbank.com Webinar Software and training program rebuilt from the … Read more

CBU Results

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Stage to Scale Review – Pete Vargas Course Worth it?

  • Product: Stage To Scale (S2S)
  • Creator: Pete Vargas.
  • Price: $1997 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Official Website: To Join Now  >> Just Click Here
  • Rating: 99%
  • Cart Opens –  November 3d   
  • Cart Closes –  November 8th 



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When I was growing up I believed that knowledge is the key to public speaking. However, soon (after getting enrolled for my university degree to be more precise), I understood that you cannot be a good speaker just by being knowledgeable.

I always aspired to be a successful businessman and for that, I had to become a good speaker. Are you wondering why? Business owners need speaking skills for convincing their target audience and ensuring that they buy their products/services. They also need to have good speaking skills for motivating employees, the real torch bearers of any business.

It took me some time to acknowledge that although I was good with my planning and execution, I could not speak well. The first thing one needs to have to become a good speaker is a proper road-map. Luckily I came to know about Pete Vargas’s Stage to Scale training course very early in my career. Right now, I can proudly announce that converting any audience into potential customers has become a cakewalk for me. If you want to experience the same transformation, read through my Pete Vargas Stage to Scale review.

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ClickBank Breaks the Internet Real in Depth Review

  • Product Name: ClickBank Breaks The Internet
  • Created by: Justin Altan & The ClickBank Team
  • Price: $2,497 or 3 Payments of $997
  • Upsells: NO
  • Official Website: >>> Click Here
  • Registration Closes: Today 
  • My Results Promoting Webinars>>> Click Here To View
  • >>> My $4,994 CBI Bonus Pack


ClickBank Breaks the Internet Real in Depth Review

If you’re someone who’s looking to make some quick cash from affiliate marketing, Clickbank Breaks the Internet might be just the right product for you. Conceptualized and rolled out by Justin Altan, this program is tailored to offer affiliate marketers an effective way to earn money.

The biggest highlight of this program is that it is simple and easy to work with. Coming with a range of software programs and training programs, this is one of the best tools for aspiring affiliates.

So, if you are looking to boost your earning potential with this program and are wondering how to get started, here’s a complete Clickbank Breaks the Internet Review for a better and more profound perspective.

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