KBB Method Review – Knowledge Broker Blueprint and Mindmint Software Course Review

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KBB Course Review


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How people learn has changed over the years especially with the evolution of the internet. One can easily access all the info, materials and training online that they can use for self-education. There are many programs online with each claiming to be the best in helping people in self-educating and bringing out their best in various aspects such as a business and self-development.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint and Mindmint Software is one such program. This is a game changer that aims to bring a new standard to how people learn around the world. So, how does it achieve this? Below is a KBB and Mindmint Software review to answer this and other questions.

What are the KBB  and Mindmint software? This is a self-learning program consisting of:

Video Walk-through of the KBB Course Members Area:


1. Course – The Knowledge Broker Blueprint
The KBB Method course offers you a podium to dig through your mind and bring out the best of your knowledge and interest to benefit you and those around you. The idea behind this course to help develop mastermind mindset.

Mastermind is a group engage in peer-to-peer learning setting to help members get a solution to their problems through the advice and idea from other members. With Knowledge Broker Blueprint, one will learn how to develop, fill, run, and benefit from high impact online or physical masterminds.

2. Software – Mindmint
Mindmint software makes it easy to manage a mastermind by automatically creating an agenda for a successful mastermind. The software has simple and procedural training that guides you in leading and assisting others to grow or change their lives positively.

Developers behind this system?
This self-learning program was developed by three renowned businessmen who combined their individual to come up with a successful empire and will want other people to be successful. The tried the art and power of mastermind before selling it to other people. The three gentlemen are:

Tony Robinns – He is a prominent American entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, life coach, and speaker. Robbins attracts a huge following in seminars, live appearances, self-help books, and infomercials. The success Tony has gained proves he is a legend, and he can mentor people about motivation, self-learning, and success.

Dean Graziosi – Dean knows all about gaining success and has done it all in his life including emerging the top-selling author in NY Times. The television shows that Graziosi has featured in about real estate and succeed training are also among the most watched in the current era. His mastermind attitude drives him to help others climb up the ladder of success, and that’s why he became part of this team.

Russell Brunson
Russell is a popular figure in the world of internet marketing who has specialized in teaching people how to do online marketing. He has built a following of more than a million entrepreneurs, sold thousands of copies, and established a software company. Brunson is determined to help online marketers to get their message out there to the marketplace fast and efficiently.

What is the Objective of KBB Method (Knowledge Broker Blueprint) Course and Mindmint Software?
Dean, Russell, and Tony are determined to transform how people learn around the world. It is something that holds a lot of meaning to them and to achieve this; they developed this program. They believe in the power of self-education, and their program will go a long way in helping them realize their dream of seeing a revolutionized way of learning.

How the Program Works to Realize Its Objective
This system works through the following approaches to meet its objective;
Guides people on extracting what they know in a systematic approach and then share with other like-minded individuals. Self-learning, whether physical or online is made easier by the agenda, created automatically by the software.

People using this program are given effective marketing strategies that make them attract a following and also retain them to keep profiting over and over again.

Customer’s learning experience is enhanced by the proven tools that come with this program. This will make them keep following you which will benefit you and them at the same time.

Learn how to facilitate a course for other people if you are not an expert which you will still benefit from.

Overall, the system gives one a smooth self-learning and mastermind creation guide. The course will guide you on how to extract your knowledge, fill an event, and ensure it runs smoothly to maximize your profit. The software will handle all the logistics to make things easy for you.

What is included in the KBB Course?

This system comes as a package consisting of the following;

  • Broad Course to help you create and run a successful mastermind group
  • Mindmint Software that takes all the complexity of starting and running a mastermind
  • Bonuses to keep you motivated

Unique Features of Knowledge Broker Blueprint and Mindmint Software

There are many entrepreneurship programs out there in the market with each promising to deliver heaven. Some live up to their expectations while some are a waste of money and time. So, what sets apart this system from the many others out there in the market?

Developed by successful entrepreneurs
Unlike most of the programs in the market, this program is developed by people who are putting what they have learnt over the years into practice. The three entrepreneurs behind the program came together and built an empire their customers can learn from.

The idea they are selling to their customers of self-learning and creation of mastermind groups is something they have put to the test and seen the results. Each of the three has an area of specialization, but they teamed up which made them stronger and successful. That is what their program is all about: if like-minded people come together, they can soar to heights they could not achieve on their levels.

One will learn new Knowledge
This program is one of a kind. It teaches people how to extract knowledge from within themselves. Everyone was created differently from the other and whatever knowledge one will be learning will not be found from another person.

Moreover, when people come together to form mastermind groups, they will interact with other people. You will get valuable advice by interacting with different people from mastermind groups. By deciding to go on your own, you may find yourself stuck with a problem that you could get advice from others. Mastermind groups will help you learn something new from another person who may help you to take your business to a higher level.

Ease of following and implementing
Most programs come with videos and training that you have to follow to become successful. This program is somehow different. You will not be bombarded with eBooks with hundreds of pages or videos that you have to watch for many hours.

The effort, time, and money that you invested in some programs may go without any rewards because of their complexity which makes it hard to follow and implement. This program is based on what is within you only that you have not discovered it. You don’t need to have any technical skills to use the program. Knowledge Broker Blueprint teaches you how and the Mindmint software does the rest.

The program strives to help you discover that knowledge within you and guide you on how you can use it to grow your business and help others. Building a business based on what you have is easier than using what is being dictated to you. Chances of success are higher when you follow this program.

A huge amount of resources at your disposal
Lack of enough resources is what is hindering the growth of many businesses. Resources can be in terms of capital, infrastructure or advice. Creating mastermind groups with the help of this program will give you a huge amount of resources to grow your business.

The essence of these groups is to help one another to grow. Through these groups, you can share effort, advice, and solutions to various problems affecting businesses. Bringing people together makes them strong hence overcoming obstacles becomes easy.

Who does KBB Method Course and Mindmint program target?


This program is not developed with a specific audience in mind. This is because every person around the world has something unique. They have specializing, knowledge, and interests that can’t be found in another person. So, the program can benefit any person interested in discovering and benefiting from knowledge within them.

Right from green entrepreneurs to the experts, one can find something from within themselves or other people that can benefit them. One may think they know it all but soon when they interact with others; they find they little very little. This program can benefit any person looking to become a successful entrepreneur and want to help others grow through his/her knowledge, interests, or expertise. It is a win-win for all parties involved in Knowledge Broker Blueprint and Mindmint system.

Testimonials from Actual Students in the private KBB Facebook group who bought the course:



Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course and Mindmint can help you to sharpen your efforts and get new ideas to grow your business. However, even though the program is easy to understand and use, it doesn’t mean it is a magic button that will get your business generating profits to a tune of billions overnight. It all depends on how you take the leverage from the mastermind and how consistent you are.


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  1. I am very excited!

    I mentioned to several people over the last three months that I have a lot of knowledge bottled up inside and I want to share but I don’t know how. I said if I could just figure out how to market myself, I would be awesome.

    A woman once told me when I was in my early 20’s that, “If I only knew the power I possessed, I would be dangerous”….I believe this KBB course is going to show me what she meant by her comment.


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