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When I was growing up I believed that knowledge is the key to public speaking. However, soon (after getting enrolled for my university degree to be more precise), I understood that you cannot be a good speaker just by being knowledgeable.

I always aspired to be a successful businessman and for that, I had to become a good speaker. Are you wondering why? Business owners need speaking skills for convincing their target audience and ensuring that they buy their products/services. They also need to have good speaking skills for motivating employees, the real torch bearers of any business.

It took me some time to acknowledge that although I was good with my planning and execution, I could not speak well. The first thing one needs to have to become a good speaker is a proper road-map. Luckily I came to know about Pete Vargas’s Stage to Scale training course very early in my career. Right now, I can proudly announce that converting any audience into potential customers has become a cakewalk for me. If you want to experience the same transformation, read through my Pete Vargas Stage to Scale review.

An introduction to the Stage to Scale (or S2S) method

The Stage to Scale Method (S2S) is Peter Vargas Signature Digital Program – and teaches his complete system over 8-weeks.

The 8 modules are broken up into action-oriented, bite-sized segments, so its easy for your community to consume and take action. Each video has 1 action step, and when they are all complete, our complete system is implemented! YES! The students get their Signature Talk done, their campaign to win stages on-demand built, and even build their scaling offer.

They have everything they need to use stages to grow their business and increase their impact.

The most powerful part of the program is the live coaching. Our entire team is in the Facebook community daily, providing feedback and coaching PLUS we will have 2 full Q&A sessions each week.

Class starts Monday, November 11th!

Pete Vargas has come up with a three-stage method that would increase your profit margin and make you a successful businessman in no time. Each of these three stages covers a different area; for instance:

Stage 1 would craft your lead-generating talk
Stage 2 would help you create a well-organized system for incorporating each of the stages depending on your requirements
Stage 3 would teach you how to impact people’s life positively and at the same time increase your company’s profit

How will the S2S method help you?

I was a good basketball player and won the man of the match award at the final of a tournament played among university teams. Things were all good until I was asked to deliver a speech during a felicitation by my teammates and teachers. The room had hardly 50 to 60 people but still, I failed to speak a word. Things didn’t improve until I came to know about Pete Vargas’s Stage to Scale.

This amazing training course helped me to overcome the frustration and fear of public speaking. It works by boosting the confidence levels of the speaker and allows him/her to have complete control over what he/she speaks on stage.

Other than helping nervous speakers, the training course would also assist veteran speakers. You will learn the most effective ways of persuading your audience for buying the services or products you are offering. You will develop the skill of engaging your audience in very little time.

What’s even more amazing is that people will want you to speak on their behalf. I am saying this from my own experience. I got offers from two of my esteemed clients to speak at events organized by them. Isn’t that funny?

The biggest attribute of Stage to Scale according to me, however, is its ability to show results quickly. I managed to impress the audience with the very first speech I delivered after taking Vargas’s course. In a matter of just a few weeks, I became a brilliant speaker from a regular business owner with poor communication skills.

A brief description of the course

Stage to Scale consists of seven modules featuring training videos. These videos manage three stages of public speaking; they are:

  • Story
  • Scale
  • Stage

Here, I would like to mention that Pete has tried to keep things simple even for non-native speakers. He has transcribed each of his videos to ensure that non-native speakers can follow his instructions seamlessly. On the other hand, Pete has also come up with a high-quality audio version of the course for people who want to listen to him when jogging or driving.

Also, there’s a workbook. It should ideally be described as the homework that every individual taking the course must finish before he/she moves to the next training video. Read on to know more about the modules:

Module 1: This module talks about the life of Pete Vargas. It would inform you about various methods adopted by Vargas to become the successful person he is today. Besides, Vargas has explained what makes stages so crucial.

Modules 2 & 3: These modules include the course’s story section.

Pat Quinn, the head coach and mentor of Pete, has illustrated the easiest way of understanding various problems we need to solve. The modules will teach you how to understand people looking for your solutions. This, in turn, would help you come up with lead-generating speeches.

Pat would also teach you ways of increasing the duration of your speech by 10 minutes, an hour, or even more than that.

Modules 4 & 5: These modules would cover the course’s scale section. Pete will introduce you to eight ways to scale past the stage flawlessly. He will also teach you how to increase sales, manage to get leads even when the situation is adverse, create attractive offers, and so on.

Modules 6 & 7: As expected, these two modules cover the final section or stage. Here, Pete will explain how to portray yourself as an expert while meeting the specific needs of your audience. You will also be introduced to various stages of revenue generation, effective marketing mediums and ways of using them, and business models of speaking.

In the end, Pete will teach you ways of crafting a custom campaign for your business and use it successfully.

What makes this training course effective?

Pete Vargas’s experience in the world of public speaking is the key to Stage to Scale’s success. He is referred to as the “stage genius” for some reason. In the last decade and a half, he has managed over 25,000 stages; isn’t it mind boggling? What’s even more staggering is that those stages have allowed him to generate billions of dollars.

Over the years, Pete has mentored several prominent speakers who currently own highly successful businesses. Some well-known names who have been benefited by Pete’s training course include Stu McLaren, Pat Flynn, and Lewis Howes.

Who will be benefited from this course?

Any individual who has an audience to impress and/or a business to run will be immensely benefited by Stage to Scale. The course will help you to convey your thoughts more easily to your target audience and thereby increase your company’s sales significantly.

Professionals who should take the course include:

  • Business owners
  • People looking to set up their own company
  • Teachers and life coaches
  • Social media managers
  • Authors, bloggers, and podcasters
  • Non-profit owners
  • Service providers like healers and consultants

Who shouldn’t opt for the course?

This course is not for people who don’t have enough time to go through all the seven modules. These people might find schemes that claim to make them rich overnight handier, However, such schemes are usually scams and will only make you lose money.

You can decide against taking the course if you are already an ace speaker. However, I would like to note that Pete’s Stage to Scale might help even the most experienced people in this field. You can still stay away from the course if you have no time to check the seven modules and the bonus sections.

Lastly, not taking the course would also be a good idea for people who are not interested to see their products/services reach more people and are happy with whatever they have managed to achieve so far.

Benefits you will enjoy

You will have access to the course both when online and offline. Depending on your preference, you can download all the course materials and go through them whenever you are free irrespective of the fact whether you have access to any network or not. Additionally, you can also read through the materials online on any electronic device of your choice (smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop).

The course has been designed for all. It would assist you regardless of the stage of business you are in, your profession, or your expertise/niche.

As the course has been put together by a person who has loads of practical experience, you will be provided with the most effective solutions. Every advice and ideas discussed in the course have been proven to be effective when used by Pete himself at one or more of the 25000 stages booked by him.

Thanks to the workbooks provided with the course materials, you will not need to look anywhere else to know whether you will be able to apply things you have learnt.

Pete as well as other members of his team would provide you necessary support whenever required. You will get all your questions about the course answered very promptly.
The course will not confuse you with complex sentence structures and ornamental phrases. Pete has used extremely simple language to ensure that the course can be read and understood even by novices.

Is the course expensive?

No it’s not. Pete and his colleagues have priced the course pretty reasonably. What’s more, he has provided every buyer the option of paying the money in installments for six months. However, you will of course save some money if you decide to pay the some together.

Is Pete offering a money back guarantee?

Yes, the course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. But there’s a twist in the tale. It’s a conditional guarantee. To get back the money you have paid for the course, you will have to prove that you have gone through all the modules, understood the methods, and applied each of them but none of the methods managed to benefit you in any way.

I believe that it’s almost impossible that the course will not work for you if you apply it as advised by Pete Vargas and his team.

Does the course really include Live Coaching?

Yes, it does. Unlike most other courses of its kind, the experts associated with Stage to Scale would offer you live coaching. Pat Quin and Pete Vargas along with other prominent members of the team will interact with you live every week for as many as eight weeks. These meetings would help you to clear your doubts about things you have learnt from the modules.

Here are some more support services you will get upon joining the course:

You will become part of a community. Joining this training course would automatically make you part of a private community consisted of other users like you and experts. You will be able to ask questions and get them answered by other members of the community. You will also be allowed to help other users to grow as speakers by sharing your insight.

The other support service you will enjoy is called bonus vault. It’s actually a one-of-its-kind treasure trove filled with resources gathered by Pete and his colleagues. These resources will play a crucial role in making you an excellent speaker.

The final verdict

I began this write up with my own story. I had my own struggles but managed to overcome them as I was lucky enough to get a hold of Pete Vargas’s Stage to Scale. Now that you know about this wonderful work of Pete I hope you will not need to experience the bad times like me. If the course can make me a good speaker it will do the same for you. You will only need to concentrate and work according to the instructions offered by Pete and his team.

The course will make you an outstanding speaker by allowing you to find and win stages through a signature speech. This signature speech will be an integral part of all your marketing campaigns. The course will teach you how to attract an audience with words. As a result, selling products/services and making attractive offers will become a piece of cake for you. In short, investing in Stage to Scale wouldn’t be a bad idea if you want to become an efficient public/ virtual speaker and use communication skills to run your online and offline business successfully.


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