Frequent flier? I think you’d agree we need more flight attendants like this one

This lady is funny -

h/t KFI Radio Los Angeles

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Watching the Final Four? Here’s to your Basketball Jones

With Cheech and Chong, of course

From September 1973 -

This song hit Top 40 when I was a kid, and it’s just now I’m getting around to looking at the musical lineup:

UPDATE: Of course somebody had to say it

Yewon2001 2 months ago

What a racist cartoon…


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1943 Potatoes sink Japanese Sub-Almanac of Absurdities-NEW 6.14.2012

Erick Brockway:

Saw a tribute to the USS O’Bannon on the USS Iowa Pacific Battleship Center Facebook page, and wanted to know more about the ship. I served on a destroyer my first four years of service, so naturally it got me fired up. Interesting, a ship with an Irish surname, it turns out, sank a Japanese submarine with potatoes

Originally posted on Time Marches On! The Almanac of Absurdities:

Click here for the Audio Almanac…It’s a little long today, but what a story!

OK this is one of those stories.  World War II in the Pacific, Spring of 1943 in the vicious Guadalcanal Campaign, we’ve got the USS O’Bannon.  The O’Bannon was a Fletcher Class Destroyer, one of the first two commissioned in the class, compliment of just over three hundred and bristling with guns, torpedo tubes, depth charge racks, basically a big can full of floating firepower designed to run interference for the Aircraft Carriers and basically get into the shit, and where they were, which was the Solomon Islands…they were in it pretty much every day.    The O’Bannon is coming in from an early morning patrol on the morning of April Fifth  and lo and behold there is a Japanese Submarine sitting on the surface minding its own business.  It’s business seemed to be laying mines, and…

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Adolf Hitler (at CNN) finds out about the arrest of Leland Yee

You knew he’d find out sooner or later…

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The “Broken Window” Theory of Obamacare



Via Ted Cruz


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ICYMI – Sharyl Attkisson on the history of the evolving Benghazi timeline

Sharyl Attkisson, a reporter who recently left CBS News over their squelching of her stories, is famous for her unleashing stories on Twitter. Tonight, she did it again.

Former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell was grilled today by the House Intelligence Committee, and Attkisson had a few things to say about his testimony.

You can read her write up here, and her tweets below (which I saved more so I could read them later, but you’re welcome to as well) -

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The biggest, most elaborate and expensive April Fools joke in US History

Joke’s on us

Via Heritage Foundation


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