100k Shout Out Course & Ampifire Software Review

  • Product Name: 100K Shout Out
  • Developers: Chris Munch
  • Price: $2.497 (Payment Plan Available)
  • Official Site>>> Click here.

The 100k Shout Out is a brand new course by Chris Munch that is tailored to help individuals and businesses rack up their profits. This course is built from scratch, and it offers you a full insight into how beginners can rack up at least $100,000 every year right from ground zero.

It goes without mention that the course will use a strategy that helps you achieve this goal. Upon signing up, you also get full complimentary access to their incredible traffic software known as Ampifire.

The unique aspect of this course is that it lets you enjoy multiple campaigns free of cost.

According to the makers, Ampifire’ is an engine for amplifying content and it is indeed the first such tool. The defining aspect of the tool is that it can be used for amplifying any business by getting maximum exposure and high buyer traffic. But how does this work? Well, thanks to the solid OmniPresence campaign, Ampifire’ is such a resounding success. These campaigns can take in any content and make it viral over the internet. So, you get to enjoy higher visibility without doing much work.

But what else does 100k Shoutout offer and is it really worth your money? Well, that’s exactly what you will find out over the next few sections. As you read on, you will find a detailed 100k Shout Out Course & Ampifire Software Review that encompasses every aspect of the course. So read it for taking better and more informed decisions about whether or not to get the course.

How Does It Work?

While 100k Shoutout offers some valuable resources about boosting your profit and gaining visibility for your business, the add-on tool Ampifire, publishes high-authority posts on news portals, social media sites, Google News, Linkedin, mainstream news portals and more. In addition to this, it also creates and rolls out podcasts to every popular podcast directly.

But how does it even manage to do this? Well, it does by teaming up artificial intelligence, manual writing, automating software and finally getting it optimized by a team of experts. This is indeed an extremely powerful way to generate online traffic.

Here are three major features that keep 100k shout out an edge ahead of others.

Quality: The team is supported by the solid technical team who are also behind PressCable, the Software-as-a-service company. You can, therefore, depend on the fact that the company will come to offer solutions that truly matter.

Super Fast

The OmniPresence innovation will take anything under the sun and quickly distribute it without having you to do anything. With their support, your web content is viral in a matter of a few seconds.

Cost: As per reviews from experts, you can run more than solid marketing campaigns without having to shell out a hefty amount.


No Website? Not an Issue: Yes, you can use this tool even when you don’t have a proper website. How? Because the tool itself offers you a perfect template for creating a simple, easily navigable, and push-button, high authority website. These sites are structured in a proper way; so when you choose them, you can be fully assured of driving sales.

More than PR: While most people deem this service as a regular press release tool, such is not the case. When you choose 100k revolution, your content ends up landing on various platforms like Google, YouTube, and Facebook.


You Won’t Start From Zero: Yes, you can leverage the current authority, audience, and brands to boost your visibility. You certainly won’t start from zero and your site will, therefore, be as popular as you want it to be.

Google News: In addition to the regular press releases, this company also offers an option for including Google News Submission. While many other leading PR companies charge higher for Google news submission, you get to avail this service for free on this platform.

Pre-Written Press Release- When you choose this platform, you will find press releases that are written tailored to your business needs and they are ready for submission is just two days. The tool uses high-end writers which ends up saving your costs on hiring a writer. This ensures that you are fully hands-free throughout the process.

Tried and Tested: Yet another major benefit of this program is that it has been tried and tested for authenticity. Yes, this is not one of those rookie programs that are simply up for sale. Instead, the makers have tested it extensively for 5 years before finally rolling it out.

High Authority Contents: The contents you get are not just random pieces of marketing articles. Instead, they are search-engine-optimized and rich in backlinks. These are therefore fully high-authority contents.


Not For All: Let’s face it: this tool isn’t for everyone. Since it is expensive, some people won’t manage to afford it.

Requires Time: Unlike other fraudulent tools, this one seems to be legitimate, and therefore takes some time. So, when you sign up, you need to devote some time in order for it to work.

You won’t Get Unlimited Credits: This is yet another con but is completely understandable as the submissions cost money for Chris and his co-founder Jay.

Who Is This Meant For?

Whether you are a newbie who is just starting out or have several years’ experience in online marketing- this program is tailored to meet your requirements. The coolest part about this program is that you do not need an active audience, product, website, experience, startup capital or any special skills to get started. All you need to do is follow the guidelines and this tool will soon help you make the most from your business.

Bottom Line

Now that you know what 100k Shoutout Course is, we are quite sure you can assess whether it’ll work in your favor. The reviews regarding the course are extremely positive and the course along with its plenty of add-ons does seem like a viable option. So, if you want more visibility for your business, this course will certainly work according to your expectations.

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