How Do You Build An Email List Fast?

A healthy email list is one of best marketing assets for a small and medium scale business. A targeted email list can help improve the revenue of your company quite effectively. But the challenge is in building a highly responsive email list. With more and more customers becoming sensitive to unwanted communications and inbox clutter on the rise, a marketer needs to go about building his or her email list with utmost care. There are many methods of building a responsive email list. Some of them are simple, and some others may not be that simple. Hence, a start-up business should choose inexpensive and simple methods to develop their email list. This read offers information on how to build an email list fast.

Know Your Audience

You can use any kind of technique to build an email list as long as it is built on a solid foundation. Your target audience is the foundation that you need to build your email list on. If your foundation is not strong, you will not reap the benefits of your list even if you have a million subscribers to it. That’s why it is important to target the right audience depending on your industry when building an email list. What kind of subscribers do you require on your list? What desires are you helping them fulfill? Creating your “ideal reader persona” is the first step to building a highly responsive email list.

Offer An Incentive To Your Subscribers

If people are not signing up for your list, either you are not giving an “opt in” incentive to join your list, or the incentive you offer is not big enough to woo them. In fact, you need to practically convince these people that your emails are worth the space in their inbox. Whether you offer a discount, sale, or coupon is not the real issue, but the percentage of the discount could be the problem. On the front end, you may require offering an exceptionally good discount such as 20-25%. On the other hand, if you consider offering a freebie, it should be of the highest quality and targeted to your audience.

Choosing The Right Format

How does your audience prefer your content? In text or video form? On the other hand, you could be a podcaster who draws a large crowd to your podcasts. No matter what format you use, your audience should prefer the type of format that you offer. That’s an important factor to consider when attracting the right subscribers to your email list.

Creating A Squeeze Page

You should create a separate page that describes your offer to the audience. The page should have an attention-grabbing headline at the top. It should spell out the benefits of signing up in detail. A strong call to action is another important component on the squeeze page. In fact, the opt-in form should be embedded on the same page that you want them to sign up. Most marketers make the mistake of getting people to click through to a new page which can decrease the number of subscribers.

Give The Visitor The Option To Join Your List On Every Page Of Your Site

Don’t make your visitor jump through hoops to sign up to your email list. It is a sure-fire way of losing your customer. Ask only for the name and email address of the visitor. Don’t ask for additional details unless you have a good reason to do so. Make sure you state your private policy by telling these people that you will not share their details with anyone else. On the other hand, you should include your opt-in box on every page of your website. In fact, if your visitor is not able to see the opt-in box, how can he or she sign up? Adding the opt-in box to the footer area of your website will increase the opt-in rate by at least 30%. You should also include the opt-in box at the top of the vertical navigation bar too. These are very important factors to consider if you want to increase your email subscribers.

Incorporating Proof

If you already have built a decent-sized email list, you can show off your number by adding something like “join 15,000 awesome subscribers.” This tactic is said to increase the number of subscribers because people take other people’s lead before deciding to do something. It can motivate the potential subscriber to join your list.

Share Your Content On Social Media

This is an important technique to increase the number of subscribers on your email list. Create a calendar to promote your content on social media. Schedule the updates in advance. Make sure you master one of two platforms before being active on the others. Most people are active on Facebook. On the other hand, if you promote a visual brand, you can use Pinterest or Instagram to promote the product. If you have a more serious brand, you can use LinkedIn and Twitter for promotional purposes. No matter what platform you use, make sure you are active on these channels by repeating your posts at regular intervals. Not all of your followers will see your posts at one time. That’s why it is important to post them repeatedly without spamming the platform.

Using A Tablet Or App To Get Signups

Most marketers use a printed out signup form where the visitor has to enter his/her name and email address. Although this is a good place to start, the latest research shows that you could lose up to 20% of those addresses due to bad handwriting. The latest signup method is a signup app that runs on a tablet. The reputed email service providers offer this option. Most of them will not charge anything extra for their service. The tablet signup app is the latest trend in email list building. You should take advantage of these practices in order to build your email list fast.

Forming Relationships With Other Marketers In The Industry –

Connect with other bloggers in your industry via social media and blog comments. There are many online discussion forums, conferences, and real life events where you are able to make such connections. This will help you increase the subscribers to your email list within a short period of time.

Participating In Facebook Groups

Dedicate some time to participate in Facebook groups where your ideal customer hangs out. Try to help out the potential customers without going crazy promoting yourself. When you keep on doing this on a consistent basis, the ideal customer will start noticing you. You can get highly targeted subscribers to your email list this way.

Make A Big Splash Through A Product Launch

A big product launch can do wonders in building your email list since you capture the attention of the entire market for a short period of time. But you need to understand how to pull off such a launch before getting the maximum benefits out of it. In fact, a big splash usually takes about 3-4 months to complete. You have to secure all the guest posts, interviews, affiliates, and make sue the buzz goes live at the same time to succeed with such an event. It is no easy task at all. But if you can pull off such an event, it will do wonders to build your email list fast.


If you have the skills to do a webinar, it is one of the best ways of building your email list fast. You should choose a topic that is currently in demand or requested by your audience. You should be able to make a great presentation that could help entice your audience. This task is great for people who have great presentation skills. You also need to promote the webinar on social media using Facebook ads and other means. If you offer them a ton of value in your webinar, word of mouth will help generate more traffic to it. This is one of the best ways of building your subscriber list fast.

Host A Giveaway

This is a great way to engage the customers with your brand and build your subscriber list at the same time. This is a sure-fire strategy when performed correctly. There are several components to the success of this method. It should include a compelling prize that your audience actually wants. There should be guaranteed bonus incentives to non-winning entries, and a major promotion to the relevant audience. That way you can easily build your email list fast and effectively.

In conclusion, building a healthy email list is one of the best business assets for a small business. There are many things to consider when building such a list. You should target the right audience when creating the subscriber list. If not, the list will not be responsive after all. The above article offers information on how to build an email list fast.

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